Claire randall

Dance  Me To The End Of Time 

On Outlander, episode 301:

The Battle Joined

  1. * Not A Spoiler Free Post*


    I am moved beyond words at the choreography of this haunting dance of loss.

    Every gesture, every nuance of and between Frank and Claire is painful on a visceral level. Tobias Menzies and Caitriona Balfe are absolutely brilliant at their craft without ever putting a toe into “over the top” territory. Sam Heughan as Jamie in the surreal world of battle and the lost, half dead world of ghosts, snow and ashes is a thing of beauty and tragedy, as there is a hollowness to him so foreign to the Jamie we knew for two seasons that it is a toss up which segments are more difficult to watch.

    They have succeeded in weaving this incredibly complex fabric without taking anything away from the book, making the show it’s own with it’s own vision, but never betraying the essence of those lost years and the couple’s brutal journey back to each other.

    Outlander is period perfect and painstakingly beautiful but never hides harshness in that beauty. Never holds out on stark, bone deep truths, no matter how painful. Never before has such agony been painted with a more subtle and stunning cinematic paintbrush. It will be hard to wait between episodes to watch this work of art expand and deepen and to discover which way the show will choose to bring a new angle and dimension of life to this narrative which has moved so many millions to such a profound degree. I know enough to trust it in the hands of the showrunners, as they have more than proven their worth to finally make it come to life after living so many years in our own and in our one collective heart.