About the Writer

Riora Ashe Kerr is a poet, writer, director, activist, and homeschooling mom living in northern Arizona. Riora nominates finalists for the Ribalow Prize for Jewish Literature. She has a theater degree from Arizona State University, with a minor in creative writing, and an A.A.S. in Acting and Directing for film. She grew up in Jerusalem, Israel, and graduated from The Charles E. Smith Performing Arts High School with a theater diploma.
Riora grew up in a family of writers. She learned at the feet of her mother, the poet Reena Ribalow Ben-Ephraim, and her uncle, the playwright, author, and film professor, Meir Z. Ribalow. Her father was an English literature professor, and she grew up soaking in art and its analysis. Weeping over Fellini as a child, writing poems by age six, in theater class at ten, and film camp by thirteen – art became her passion early. After years of searching for the proper medium to express and share her vision, she has been technologically reunited with this love and writes about incredible new art in the making.